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Designed specifically for Women

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The Creatrix® Breakthrough for Women

Creatrix® is the revolutionary breakthrough healing programmethat has been developed exclusively for women and is unlike any other programme on the planet.

✅ Fast Results | ✅ No Pain (Physical or Emotional) | ✅ No medication | ✅ Based on the science of Epigenetics

Do you feel unheard, unwanted, or unsafe for no particular reason?

Most women due to societal expectations and cultural norms, face an array of self-critical thoughts related to body image, appearance, and self-worth. 

Be it engaging in comparisons with others, or feeling inadequate or unworthy based on unrealistic beauty standards.

Women who want to build a successful life often find themselves fighting self-doubt and imposter syndrome, where they question their abilities and downplay their achievements due to internalized messages of incompetence.

Even today, the gender stereotype continues to contribute to self-blame, shame, or guilt regarding work-life balance, motherhood, and relationships.

Have you been told that you over-react or over-emotionalize for no particular reason?

Well, there is a major reason behind it – we don’t just inherit our hair or eye color from our mother and grandmother but we can also inherit the traumas, insecurities, and emotional scarring they may have received. And as you already know women have historically faced specific forms of trauma that contribute to this generational cycle.

Throughout history, women have often experienced systemic oppression, gender-based violence, and various forms of discrimination. These experiences can lead to trauma, which may include physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, as well as societal marginalization and restrictions on personal autonomy. This trauma can have long-lasting effects on women’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being. 

Luckily, the generational cycle of trauma is not inevitable, YOU can break this generational cycle. YOU can heal yourself as well as save future generations from this trauma! All you need is willingness and access to the Creatrix programme.

Find out if Creatrix is right fit for you, and if so which Creatrix reset is needed by booking a no-obligation analysis of your current situation.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’ve tried self-help, therapy or healing but nothing helpedYou are not ALONE!

This is what gets left out in the other techniques —>

In other modalities like NLP, EFT, Theta Healing, Hypnotherapy, etc., issues may resurface because of the following reasons.

❌Root Cause Wasn’t Identified: Many times these therapies address the surface-level symptoms of limiting beliefs but the underlying causes still remain uncovered. Getting to root causes fast and resolving them is the key to permanent breakthrough.

❌❌The Approach Wasn’t Holistic : Healing from limiting beliefs and low self-esteem requires a holistic approach that encompasses emotional, mental, and energetic aspects.  If the approach does not facilitate a comprehensive healing and integration process the issues can resurface over time.

❌❌❌Issues were Genetic: Science has proven we don’t just get our eye colour, knobby knees or crooked nose from our parents but we can also inherit their traumas, insecurities and emotional scarring they may have received from abuse. Look at your grandparents and parents and see if you have taken on their pains or anxiety.

Hi, I'm Karyn

I am a Creatrix® Transformologist® (with 10 more therapeutic qualifications)

Over the past several years I have helped hundreds of women, just like you, tapping into the various methods that will work for you. Methods that will move you through the what has happened so you can LIVE fully and LOVE deeply and be HAPPY again. 

I want you to imagine a life where you NO longer fear the unknown, grieve the past, where you live your life in control the way you were designed, feeling true joy! I know you can achieve it in less than 4 weeks with the help of Creatrix® – just like I have!

Want proof?  I am on the cover of “Discover the Creatrix®️ Method” book 😍 AND my story is the first one!

Watch My Creatrix® Transformation

with clips from Before & After

Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

We asked our client Sara, four questions about her Creatrix breakthrough with Karyn!  Keep reading to find out what she has to say…

Before creatrix, I was feeling stuck and restless. I felt as though I was always striving and had to work so hard for the sake of other people.  

My biggest block was being constantly overwhelmed with my constant to do list and things I needed to complete that I felt so ungrounded. I also felt safe playing small that it prevented me from really speaking up and sharing my gifts / ideas for big passion projects with others.
It kept me from really growing and expanding my horizons both personally and professionally. 
Creatrix® has really given me the gift of tapping into the wisdom of my soul. It has helped me dig deep and find solutions to my blocks. It has allowed me to listen to the voice and learnings from inside – which I normally don’t hear. 
I feel so much more centred and less triggered to situations that would have normally irritated me.
Creatrix® is an interesting experience as it has allowed me to return to my baseline / neutral state. I felt empowered to discover that the answers were within me the whole time – I just needed to sit in the silence and space to make my own connections.

How does Creatrix® work?

✔️ReLEASE – emotional and limiting blockages
✔️ReLEARN – get your own souls life lesson and tools to move forward
✔️ReCODE – delete inherited negative patterns
✔️ReFRAME – your entire perspective
✔️ReCREATE – the life you want

Frequently Asked Questions

Creatrix® is an adventurous virtual reality process that’s done with your eyes closed, that causes you to unlearn your issues at the very root until they drop away, no longer needed, replaced with much higher emotional and mental intelligence.

No! Creatrix® is non-emotional process, even if you have suffered horrific events you can relax and not feel the emotions of the events whilst tapping into your own intelligence and getting your life learnings that will heal from the very core freeing you from your past. In fact the process is enjoyable.

  • It is quick – empty your cup in 3-6 sessions. NO more years of therapy to feel whole again
  • Long lasting
  • Deep healing back to the core
  • Aligns our heart, gut and head which is important to women and therefore strengthens intuition too
  • A non-emotional process so you can relax and not feel the emotions or having to relive the event, which if you have been through other therapies, is very refreshing and non-confronting and therefore you will feel very safe and nurtured throughout the whole process
  • Addresses the genetic history and breaks the genetic cycle (according to the science of epigenetics) You no longer have to live with the traumas passed down through your genes
  • Creatrix® is result based so it is designed to be delivered as a breakthrough not as individual sessions and therefore when finished your view of the world will be through different, softer lenses

Yes, Creatrix® is designed specifically for women and designed for the unique way our female mind functions connecting and aligning the heart, gut and head. Women are biologically wired differently to men.  

  • Regain your youth and that happy free feeling – not only will you feel younger you will receive comments about how much younger you look
  • Feel whole and complete and more comfortable in your own skin
  • Feel worthy and important
  • Gain self-respect and believe in yourself
  • Removes stress and stops the constant head chatter
  • Stops the constant blame
  •  – who needs Botox when you have Creatrix®?
  • Epigenetics refers to the study of changes in our DNA based on the experiences of your lifetime and those passed down through the generations.
  • Science has proved we don’t just get our eye colour, knobby knees or crooked nose from our parents but we can also inherit their traumas, insecurities and emotional scarring they may have received from abuse.
  • Look at your grandparents and parents and see if you have taken on their pains – YOU don’t have to live with the trauma of your ancestors any longer.

Step 1 – We start with identifying your issues through online assessment and over phone call.

Step 2 – We establish the outcomes you want to achieve.

Step 3 – Based on the above, I will suggest the Creatrix® transformation programme most suitable for you.

Creatrix® is for you, if

You find yourself just feeling afraid but not of anything in particular. You can’t even put your finger on what you are afraid of or maybe you are even afraid of being yourself.

You are still grieving the loss of passed loved ones or a relationship breakdown, maybe even a job loss, your life choices or even just your youth.

You put on the big front for everyone else and so everyone thinks you are happy but when you are alone you get quite sad and sabotage your happiness and feel unmotivated.

You sometimes don’t even think you deserve compliments or maybe happiness.

Women operate from a place of creativity and emotion compared to a man that operates from a more logical mindset and therefore to release emotional healing a different approach i.e. Creatrix® would be more beneficial.

Creatrix® is result driven so it is designed to be delivered as a breakthrough not as individual sessions. 

Yes, Creatrix® sessions are conducted one on one and the sessions confidential.

Permanently Free Yourself from

Restlessness, Fear, Grief, Overwhelm

in less than 4 weeks!

Start with a FREE no obligation analysis of your current situation.