Multi-Award-Winning & Best-Selling Book
by Karyn De Mol and Megan Harris

In this 8-time award-winning and best selling book, you too can learn the steps to take control of your urges. You too can stop sabotaging yourself. You can leave bingeing and the dieting-stress behind that makes you question yourself. Become the person who’s ready to reclaim their life.

While most people can relate to over-eating on occasions, the lives of those who binge become significantly disrupted by the aftermath.

  • Do you eat normally with others and then secretly binge when alone?
  • Do you sometimes throw the evidence of a binge in the bin before anyone sees?
  • Is your relationship with food a secret you hide from others?
  • Is that relationship negatively impacting your life?


  1. A Self Help Guide Book – “Eating Secrets”
  2. An Online Course – “How to Control Secret Eating and Bingeing”

The Guide Book

Eating Secrets will:

1. Help you understand your secret stuff and why it’s not your fault

2. Why hidden pressures contribute to your bingeing story and how to start a new chapter

3. Help you change the sneaky relationship with food that has held you back

4. Provide proven techniques and help to take control and overcome self-sabotage and bingeing

This is not a diet book this is a reclaim your life book…

You are not alone. After reading this book you will have the secrets to build a healthier relationship with food, your body, and yourself.

The Online Course

How to Control Secret Eating and Bingeing will:

  1. Help you get clear about how to take control of your relationship with food and eating.

2. Help you identify what needs to shift.

3. Provide the proven steps you’ve been hoping for.

4. We don’t just deal with the symptoms; we help you fix the triggers and the cause too.

It’s time to take the next step...

Whether you are a stress eater, emotional eater, a restrictive eater, a binge eater or a secret eater or an overeater – there are reasons behind it. It’s not you that is lacking in will power, lazy or undisciplined – it is a symptom of a bigger problem.

Food is only part of the puzzle and this book is going to help you transform your eating habits by looking at the why you eat – which helps you solve the problem – and think of food and weight loss in a whole new way.

Say goodbye to binge eating, yo-yoing weight, fear around food and sabotage forever.

Meet the authors & mentors...

We have both lived through tumultuous battles with binge eating and weight.

We understand the depth required to take charge and know how to help you do the same.

As therapists, we continue to help clients overcome adversity without resorting to food for comfort.

Let us help you examine the why and what is happening so that you can win that inner war you are having with food.

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Karyn De Mol

Founder of GoodnessMe Alternative

Karyn struggled with her weight since her teenage years. She thought she didn’t belong because her friends all had a ‘normal’ shape and size. She learned from an early age that food made you ‘feel good’ and food meant ‘love.’ Family gatherings were all focused on food and connection. When she was 10 years  old her father died. Karyn used food as the solution to resolve her loneliness and grief, as did her mother.

Today Karyn is also a successful CPA accountant with a burning desire to find balance not only on the balance sheet, but on the inside too. Karyn has spent years dedicated to learning therapeutic modalities that have helped her find who she is on the inside, rather than only what she and people saw on the outside. Karyn has found her passion and has transitioned to work with women to empower them to love and accept themselves and overcome the beliefs that hold them back from finding balance in life and feeling peace in their heart and mind.

Karyn has an Adv Dip Hypnotherapy and is a NLP, Hypnosis trainer, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy and NLP, Master Practitioner of Positive Psychology & EQ Facilitator. She is a Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach, Reiki Master and a Creatrix® Transformologist®, Certified Practitioner in Specialised Kinesiology and Touch for Health, goal setting and health metaphors for Kinesiology, Certified Practitioner in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Energy Psychology.

If you resonate with Karyn’s story, you can email

Megan Harris

Megan’s struggle began in her teens with her main issues being body image and her relationship with food. She believed she had to be thin to be accepted, so she starved herself in order to live up to the world’s standards. Her obsession with dieting (starvation eating), and body image, led to a desire to understand herself better, especially why her habits had become so out of control. For many years she over-exercised and ate very little, then she would reward herself with copious amounts of wine. She was convinced that if she just found the perfect diet, or reached a certain goal weight or clothing size, then her problems would go away. The cycle continued until her mid to late 20s when she fell in love with her life and took the pressure off herself and her body. She realised there was more to her than a size 10 pair of jeans.

As an accountant, Megan is trained to organise and balance numbers to work in the best interest for business success. In her transitional training using therapeutic modalities, Megan realised that organising the mind and your habits to work for you rather than against you, was all about balance too. She now loves helping women overcome their body image and eating challenges.

Megan has a Dip. Clin Hypnotherapy, Adv Dip Hypnotherapy, Adv Dip Hypnosis, Dip. Modern Psychology, Master Practitioner NLP and Time Line Therapy, Master Practitioner of Positive Psychology & EQ Facilitator, Certified Practitioner EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Energy Psychology. Qualified Life Coach.

If you resonate with Megan’s story, you can contact her at

Say goodbye to binge eating, yo-yoing weight, fear around food and sabotage forever.