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When you think of Money…

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind?

Happiness? Pride? or is it Panic? Fear? Guilt? Shame? Anxiety? Envy?

My Story

from surviving to thriving...

Hi!  I am Karyn De Mol, a Qualified CPA Accountants with an extensive career in business and also have many therapeutic qualifications.

I know those two qualifications seem worlds apart, but the combination is why you are now reading this and will find this the most refreshing money handbook you will read.

I was left to my own devices as a teenager and had to work and look after my own finances much earlier than my family and friends.

Freedom and having fun were something I had access to at an early age and were the envy of my friends although I had to learn how to use the money to achieve as I did not have the privilege of running back home.

I remember learning how to get around credit card limits by knowing when a shop would check the credit limit and so would spend under that amount allowing me to buy over my credit card limit.

I can relate to doing the grocery shopping and not having enough funds to pay for all the items on the carrier belt and having to decide which items they could remove or even being compelled to “borrow” the odd roll of toilet paper from work.

These are stories of just SURVIVING and I am sure you have been there and have your own stories. I know what you want to learn is how to THRIVE so keep on reading as I share my experiences and expertise.

I am sure you have heard about things like the movie The Secret, and setting
goals, dream boards, affirmations, and positive thinking, and they certainly have their place, so by all means please use them.

In fact, I will teach you a money song that can become a mantra, although we know there are a few things you need to put in place before they will have the desired effects.

How we behave, how we think and how we solve problems, negotiate, how we work, our purpose and how we play are all influenced by our beliefs and values.

Knowing this, our Values must be the starting point. When you take the time to identify your own values in life you will end up living a happier life.

Magnet for Money by Karyn De Mol

Throughout this, I will show you

  1. How to identify your core value and then,
  2. How to align your belief about money to be aligned to your core value

so that they complement each other.

There is an old Chinese tale about a woman whose only son died from working to become rich.

Watch this video to learn what happened. ———————->

This story is a great example of how the woman discovered a way for money to be aligned to her value and her purpose.

I will also share with you how to balance your creative mind with your analytic mind so that money and you are not in competition but work together in harmony.

Then use your Analytical brain to take the inspired action to ensure you take the steps from surviving to thriving!

Let me introduce...

A three-step GoodnessME Money Magnet
Mindset Method

Step 1.

Rate Your Values

Step 2.

Align Left & Right Brains

Step 3.

Using Left Brain Inspired & Targeted Action

Magnet for Money - Workbook

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