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Change is not as easy EVEN when you know what you want. Your unconscious mind will sabotage your efforts If you have limiting beliefs or negative emotions from your past.So you will find you take steps towards what you know you want but due to past conditioning or even beliefs that have been passed down by your parents you will procrastinate or do things that will seem to stall your efforts to move forward.Change techniques like Time Line Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT),Hypnosis, Kinesiology can align your unconscious mind with your conscious mind.  I have been trained in all these change agents and in my packages you get the best of these techniques to help you release your self sabotaging ways and finally achieve your goals.

What this means is that you can remove all the reasons why you self sabotage and make real changes in your life.

  • You struggling to keep weight off?
  • Sick of smoking?
  • Tired of feeling anxious all the time?
  • Sick of feeling stressed and sweating the small stuff?
  • Just want to feel in control of your life again?
  • Wanting to find your joy again?


Hypnosis is a very natural relaxing dreamlike state, which you allow yourself to enter, assisted by a hypnotherapist, so that your mind can focus on letting go of thoughts and feelings that have been barriers of achieving the results you desire.

Questions people want answered about hypnosis:

The answer is NO – although you are more open to suggestions during hypnosis, you don’t lose control over your behaviour. The common misconceptions about being on stage and dancing like a chicken as shown in tv and movies are performances and the people in stage shows have been previously vetted as someone who follows instructions and would most probably enjoy being on stage. A shy person would choose to not be hypnotised. You cannot be hypnotised into doing things against your will.

Even though most hypnosis starts with a relaxation induction hypnosis involves more than just relaxation. A relaxed state is only the start of the process and it is what comes after the relaxation induction that provides the real therapeutic part with suggestions to the Unconscious to have an effect on attitudes, perceptions and behaviours that you wish changed.

Hypnosis is a natural state that we enter many times during the day. Think of a time you were daydreaming or so enthralled in a project that you lost time or didn’t hear someone ask you a question. You were in hypnosis.   You might even remember being so bored at school say with the boring history teacher you may have been lulled into hypnosis then too.

Hypnosis is a state of focused attention. It involves a guided process using metaphors, stories and relaxation processes and suggestions to make the transformations you require. The persons attention is so focused while under hypnosis they can temporarily block out or ignore anything going around them.

If someone does not want to go into hypnosis, then they won’t be hypnotised. Anyone who can imagine and wants to be hypnotised can be hypnotised. You just need a desire, trust, willingness, and ability to imagine. If I asked you to imagine a red apple or If I asked you to change it to a green apple, can you imagine that? Or if I asked you to imagine driving to your local supermarket and you can then you can be hypnotised if you choose to be.

It can be different for everyone although Most people describe it as a pleasant feeling of calm and in a very relaxed state feeling at peace. There might be an awareness of breathing being slowed, limbs and eyelids feeling heavy OR other may feel they are light as a feather. You may notice thought processing seems more clear. It can feel very familiar due to the fact that you go into hypnosis several times during a day when you are in the zone, so absorbed in what you are doing that you block out anything around you.

NO you can’t get stuck as you are in control –  if the hypnotherapist rushed off without counting you out you would just continue to relax until you were ready to wake up.  When you go to bed at night time and go to sleep you pass through hypnosis on the way to sleep and yet you still wake up in the morning.

Many things can be covered by Hypnosis as it can help change attitudes, perceptions and behaviours.

To list a few:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • PTSD
  • Phobias
  • Substance abuse
  • Undesirable behaviours
  • Bad habits
  • Improve Sleep
  • Learning disorders
  • Communication
  • Relationship issues
  • Chronic pain
  • Weight Loss
  • IBS
  • Support in any desired changes

Hypnosis is not a truth serum. You are in total control of what you choose to say so you cant be forced to give away any secrets. Your PIN code is safe unless you choose to reveal it.

NO, hypnosis is just the description of the state of mind – ie you are in hypnosis.  Hypnotherapy is just the name of the therapy in which hypnosis is used.

Voluntary altering of your own consciousness and you are in control. Hypnosis is in fact self hypnosis and you are hypnotising yourself just using the hypnotherapist as a guide.

The Price is aud $199 Per Session

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Releasing one fear may only require 1 session dependent on the individual.

Virtual gastric band weight release requires a min of 3 sessions. Investment $597

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Hypnofasting Hypnosis requires 2 sessions. Investment $398

Gut directed hypnosis is a 12 week programme

Hypnosis is well known for effecting change, releasing fears, quit smoking and weight release.


  • Releasing fears
  • Drop a jeans size virtual gastric band weight release
  • Hypnofasting hypnosis to assist those using fasting methods
  • Gut directed hypnosis to help with gut healing
  • Menopause relief hypnosis
  • Drain the pain hypnosis
  • Heal the inner child

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