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You’d think it would be easy to identify if you are hungry or not, but the experience of hunger feels different for everyone. Over time, we just lose touch with what our body needs.

We all have times when we eat for lots of reasons and being hungry isn’t one of them.

– Sometimes we confuse wanting to eat with needing to eat.
– Or we wait until we are starving until we eat.
Or we overeat to the point of being stuffed.
– Or we start eating when we are not even hungry.

Our “Hunger and Fullness Scale” describes varying levels of hunger and fullness, which can help you to rate your level of hunger before you eat and fullness after you eat and help you recognise the best times to stop and start eating throughout your day.

Just like a fuel tank in your car, you also were born with your own internal fuel tank. Before you fill up your fuel tank in your car, you always check your gauge.  You need fuel to move, don’t you? But do you need a little bit or a lot?

Treat the ‘Hunger and Fullness Scale’ like it’s the fuel tank for your body. It will help you stop filling up at every gas station you see.

You don’t have to follow the scale perfectly, but with regular practice you will be able to recognise and feel real hunger and know when you are full so you will stop eating and be more in tune with what your body needs.

Download for free and use it as a visual reminder to make you pause before you open the fridge.  It also works perfectly side by side with our “Stop Binge Eating Commitment Card” which will help you to move past when an urge to eat hits you when you are not hungry.

What people say about

Our Hunger & Fullness Scale Chart

I had a history of dieting and skipping meals and health issues and a lot of medication and they all disrupted my own natural ability to detect if I was hungry or full.

It came to the point where it was too hard to gauge how truly hungry or full I was.

This Hunger Scale works by measuring your hunger – rather than measuring your food - on a scale of 1 – 10 and then eating/stop eating accordingly.

I still allow myself to go above/below sometimes just because of circumstances but I’m much more aware now.

It’s just a few simple tips to help you get more in tune with your body, and the more I practiced it the more it become second nature. I was so surprised to learn how little food it takes to satisfy a craving or fill me up!
This scale is an excellent idea!

During lockdown, I noticed I was struggling with mindless eating or overeating and was just eating for the sake of it.

The concept is simple - there are no rules and it’s not a diet, and it’s such a great way to work out how hungry and full I actually am.

I check in several times and am amazed how I used to eat just because I could, rather than If I needed to. I even lost weight which was an added bonus!!

I keep it on my fridge because it is so visual.

I always come back to it, it works every time, it has really helped me to slow down and really enjoy and savour my food.