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Hi, we’re Karyn and Megan, bestselling and award-winning authors of Eating Secrets. 

We have worked with many people to help them overcome binge eating, and most say it is the hardest thing they have ever done; but they also acknowledge it was one of the most effective things that they ever did for themselves and their health.

One small step that works, is just to make a commitment to yourself to stop and to:

– Not eat food you don’t need
– Not reward yourself with food
– Not allowing ‘stuff’ to influence the ‘way and what’ you eat
– Not using food as an emotional crutch


Download your FREE Stop Binge Eating Chart and Enjoy These Amazing Benefits

To help you gain some control, download our FREE “Commitment to Stop Binge Eating” chart.

This chart makes it that much easier to control those urges by helping you search for clues and consider what is going on for you, leading up to that very moment before you raid the fridge or open the pantry.

When you feel like bingeing read it.  Say it to yourself as soon as you notice your mind or body is reacting to a trigger. As time goes by, urges will become less often and be less demanding.

With regular practice, you will be able to acknowledge you have an urge to binge and then don’t act upon it.

Download and use it as a visual reminder to make you re-consider your options before you open the fridge.  It also works perfectly alongside our “Hunger & Fullness Scale” which helps you check in with yourself to see if you are hungry.

What people say about ...

Our Stop Binge Eating Chart

This is so great! Normally I when I binge I just keep eating and eating just because there was still food there, but I don’t do that anymore. I hate how I feel so much after a binge and I don’t want to feel full and sick and guilty anymore and I know that if I continue bingeing I would. I now just push my fork and plate away and that is that. So now I’m leaving leftovers and not bingeing on that either. Not everyday is perfect, but I’m getting there. Such a great thing to have on the fridge as a reminder!!
This is awesome!! I’ve always struggled with binge eating and this means a lot to me. It was not easy and still is not easy but the main thing I have learnt is that I’m much more aware of what I am bringing to my binge and it reminds me of how I feel before and after, and in ‘that moment’ I know I can make a choice. I also use the Hunger and Fullness Scale and both are so simple and beautifully made and designed. Thank you for sharing this resource!


But despite your best efforts, you are still struggling to take control!