Creatrix®️ – How I Found Emotional Freedom

Imagine a normal evening procrastinating planted in front of the TV multi-tasking with my iPad and trolling around Facebook when I really should be working on my business.

An innocent comment on a post about releasing negative emotions led me on a journey I will be forever grateful.

It was how I first heard about Creatrix®️ – I was WTF is Creatrix®️? I had studied time line therapy for releasing negative emotions but never heard of this Creatrix®️

So my interest was piqued and trusty Google to the rescue finding the website for the designer of Creatrix®️ had me excited and after watching the many amazing transformational before and after videos and getting the basics that

  • It is quick – empties your cup in 3-6 sessions. NO more years of therapy to feel whole again
  • Designed specifically for women which is so different from other modalities and taps into the unique way our female mind thinks and functions which is a place of creativity aligning our heart, gut and head
  • Addresses the genetic history and breaks the genetic cycle (according to the science of epigenetics) You no longer must live with the traumas passed down through your genes

My gut was telling me I needed this, not just for my clients but selfishly for me.

You see I had been through a huge transformation, which you may have already read through my previous blogs.  Of course, I am damn proud of what I had achieved.  Releasing 45 kilos and converting from a scared smoking couch potato to a woman who enjoyed exercise and completing triathlons.  Hey, my first triathlon I may have come last, but it was still a HUGE achievement.

I was so inspired by working with a coach who helped me clear negative emotions that had previously kept me stuck I wanted to learn how to inspire others.

My next journey began of learning different modalities like Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, NLP, timeline therapy Reiki, crystal energy and channelling I became a sponge for knowledge and loved it.  Although going into business bought up a whole new mix of negative beliefs and emotions.  After all this knowledge and processes I still had these thoughts that I am not good enough and a constant fear of being myself.

So, when I heard about Creatrix®️ something about it spoke to me and really resonated with me so I went through the interview process to enable me to be trained as a Creatrix®️ Transformologist ®️

All I can say is WOW what a difference Creatrix®️ made it took away the chatter in my head and I just feel at peace.  Did I think it was not good enough?  WHO is not good enough? Not me – I am exceptional!!

Omg why would we waste another day beating ourselves up by repeating the same negative thoughts over and over when there is something like Creatrix®️for women

I only wish I had heard about Creatrix®️ years ago.  It is amazing waking up happy and not having a feeling of doom hanging over the head.  Oh yes, I was great at hiding it but when I was alone I became this sad binge eating, cry at any movie kinda gal.

This is the missing piece I had been searching, I somehow felt whole and at peace.

I can now pass on this gift.  I am doing this for women to set their hearts free from the weight of their limiting beliefs keeping them stuck and preventing them from loving themselves, living authentically to have the confidence to achieve their goals and find their joy.

Now I have this sparkly Unicorn Super Power which is made up of my intuition, passion, and of course the only tool that I know of that is designed specifically for women, used only on women by women and is designed to clear right back to the core issues from the genes because Epigenetics has proven we not only inherit our parents eyes but also their traumas.

YAY for Creatrix®

If you are wanting to learn more about yourself, and Reveal what’s stopped you from having the life you want.

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