Exercise – Pain or Pleasure?

I saw a picture of a t-shirt on Facebook that had a slogan – I don’t run and if you see me running you should too as something is probably chasing me.  

Love it – I have to admit I even shared it with my friends and if you asked me 6 months ago I would have worn that t-shirt with pride

I think the majority of those who want to lose weight either exercises or feels guilty that they don’t exercise.

When you think weight loss do you think exercise and diet go hand in hand with exercise being the most important?

I believe exercise does play a part although I now believe diet is 80% and exercise is 20% but when you exercise you are more motivated to stick to your healthy eating plan.

Every time I have wanted to lose weight I have always implemented some kind of exercise but the reason has always been about weight loss not because I actually enjoy it and therefore was easily convinced that it was not working so I might as well just relax on the couch and dream about being in my perfect body.

I was always in awe of others who seemed to be disciplined to exercise daily and of those who just seemed to love moving their bodies. I had read endorphins are released when you exercise and you soon get hooked on those endorphins – if you are thinking what a load of #&@$ you would not be alone.

If you were like me, maybe you need to look at some emotional scarring that may prevent you from enjoying exercise.  Through some clearing with alternative therapies it was discovered that for me, exercise meant death.  Now I knew that if I twisted my ankle I was not going to die but due to lots of death in my family, which started when I was 10, we discovered my subconscience was saying – see if you continue to exercise you will get injured and die so sit you butt back down on the couch – I will keep you safe.

Our bodies ultimate aim is to keep us safe and if it believes you are safer overweight it will prevent you from eating right by producing cravings as well as prevent you from exercising.  If you want to read more about this read the book by Jon Gabriel.  www.thegabrielmethod.com It was after reading his book that a lot of things made sense and started me on my journey of alternstive therapies.

Once I had dealt with this thinking exercising became a lot more fun even to the point that maybe I am getting a little hooked on exercising and the endorphins. You really need to find something that you enjoy.  Have a dabble in different types of exercise and make it about improving your fitness so you can enjoy activities you never could as a couch potato. For example I have made one of my goals to be able to do a burpee because I believe once I can do a burpee I can learn to surf.  I will be able to move from the position of lying on a board to a crouching position with ease if I can do a burpee.  It also helps if you have someone you trust helping you – I was lucky to connect with my personal trainer Brad Crossman who is amazing and motivating.  www.blueberrypt.com.au   Brad keeps the sessions interesting and inspires me to break my own records and we both can see the improvements in my strength both physically and mentally.   With the help of Brad we have set fitness goals and my training has been about achieving those goals with weight loss a happy by product.   If the cost of a personal trainer can not be found in the budget why not join a gym that will keep you motivated.  I have also joined the new F45 family which I love and made some new friends in the process.  www.f45training.com.au  If a gym does not excite you then how about exercising with a friend so you can encourage each other.

I hope you too have found your way to make exercise a pleasurable experience.

I will soon update you on my first 10k fun run.

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