I Was Truly Reborn After Experiencing Rebirth Meditation

Rebirth meditation was not something I had heard of but I had signed up for this 7 day life design course held by eQ events www.eqevents.com.au which promised to change your life.  It was tapping into all areas of your life but the the one reason I signed up was to gain motivation to improve my health and if I obtained other benefits in other areas that was going to be a bonus.

Did I receive motivation? Would have to say hell yeah actually motivation on steroids.
There were a couple of lead ups to my transformation through out the 7 days and the fact that I allowed myself to acknowledge my roller coast emotions gave me the opportunity to get the most benefit especially from the one thing, that to me, had the biggest impact – the rebirth meditation.
It was a little scary knowing it was going to be 3 hours staring into someone else’s eyes and just doing this weird breathing thing with tissues and buckets at our feet in case we had to throw up – if I had not experienced one of Niki Bowen other meditations already I would have been really scared.  I know what you are thinking – 3 hours?  WTF! you are joking? – nah – it is over before you know it and totally awesome.  It definitely had the WOW factor for me? Niki had at one point when I started to fall asleep rubbed my back and had me scream at the roof and from then I was literally buzzing all the way from my toes to my fingertips.  A stitch started in my side which released after some time and then I found myself laughing hysterically for the last 20 minutes not being able to stop – I was feeling for what I think was the first time in my adult life.   Then it was like I was a kid again.  I remember our exercise session the next day it had been raining and one of the guys in our team was saying he was going to go puddle surfing and would you believe it conservative me said hell yeah I want to do that – how exhilarating to just really let go and just have fun.
It should be said this meditation is not something you should be even attempting on your own.  Only with the guidance of someone experienced and that you trust to be guiding you in this meditation
Since then I have experienced more healing using different alternative therapies which have had further positive impact on my motivation and there is no going back to what I was before the rebirth meditation .
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