Staying Motivated

Even after clearing traumas that were keeping me fat I still have to rely on willpower and ways to stay motivated to reach my ultimate health goal and boy it is a struggle when on holidays and on special occasions like Christmas. Chocolate and booze everywhere and there is the attitude that, stuff it, life is meant to be enjoyed, but it is a fine line between enjoying life and going backwards.  Trifle for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 days was definitely crossing that line. Now that my overseas holiday is over and Christmas is done and dusted I needed to get back on track. I am sick of this plateau I have been stuck on for a couple of months. The number on the scales was not just a plateau but was starting to rise and I need to put a stop to it NOW. Yes I am still eating clean and exercising daily but I know I was partaking in too many healthy treats made with dates that was preventing me from releasing more weight. Once your body gets the taste of too much sugar (i.e. trifle) it certainly craves it more so how do I pull in the reins?

  • The first step is to get clear on your goal and remind yourself of WHY you want to achieve it.
  • The second step is to make sure the right food is the only thing that is passing your lips.

In my case I was eating good food and even though Brad Crossman PT extraordinaire has insisted on receiving my food diary daily, the diary was not clear on the quantity I was eating, so instead of the dreaded calorie counting which I knew did not work for me it was decided that I would photograph everything before I put it in my mouth and I would send the food diary detailing what I was eating and the photos would show exactly how much.

What an inspiration the photos have been because it makes me think before I go back for that second handful of nuts or eating the whole packet of date rolls instead of just 1 because I would have to photograph it and it would not just be a plural on the food diary – a picture is worth a thousand words.  Yes there is still the job of being honest and actually photographing everything but basically it is only yourself you are cheating – if you fail to photograph that second handful of nuts or that piece of chocolate cake the person you are sharing your photo food diary will not know but it won’t end up on their waist either.

So if you are looking to become accountable for what you put in your mouth let the camera be your motivation – it is helping me, maybe it will be just the trick for you too?

Above is an example of yesterday’s photo food diary.   I have used a free apple app called pic stitch to collate the photos into one picture. You will find more daily photos under My Pantry and Food Diary.

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