How Much Water is Enough?

I had always believed you had to drink 2 litres of water – that has always been what I thought was the magical number

How many of us actually drink 2 litres?

I know I did not always achieve it. Filling up with diet soft drinks and other substances that are not the healthiest choices, although whenever I started a new diet I would always make one of the goals 2 litres of water.

So imagine my shock when I started working with my life coach Niki on improving my health and she told me 2 litres was not enough. The new magical number was to drink 1 litre for every 25 kilos. I thought no chance that is going to happen – 5 litres a day – she is dreaming!!!
So for a couple of weeks I have to admit I ignored that advice.
One of our weekly calls I decided to make it that week’s goal as she swore it would speed up the weight loss. I did some digging around google and there were lots of posts saying the same number of 1litre for every 25 kilos.

So what have I got to lose?

Imagine my surprise when ensuring I drank 5 litres and I jumped in the scales the next day and I had lost a kilo. I was won over and even sent Niki a text admitting defeat.

I have been ensuring I drink the required fluids ever since and my weight loss instead of being between 1/2 kilo to a kilo a week has generally increased to between 1 and 2 kilos a week.

A hint you can drink herbal tea as that counts towards your fluids but green, black tea or coffee does not so I drink peppermint tea because when you have to drink 5 litres you have to make everything you put in your mouth count.

So now my choice of beverages are water, peppermint tea, soda water or natural spring water you can add some lime or lemon if you want to freshen up the soda/mineral water and admittedly occasionally some vodka finds its way into the soda water when being social at a pub with friends.

A word of warning I normally wake up after being in bed for 3 hours and have to pee but I have come to love that as I read somewhere that it can mean you are burning fat and I found I go back to sleep quite fast. In fact I wear a fitbit which tracks my sleep and I generally go back into a deep sleep after that wake up call.

So I am converted – what about you do you drink your days quota of water?

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