What is This Thing They Call EFT or Tapping?

What is this tapping I keep hearing about? That was my first question when I heard about it.

My research found out that basically you tap on points of the body that are acupuncture points while saying statements that will help you release negative feelings.

My research also found out that EFT (emotional freedom techniques) or also known as tapping can help with weight loss, took away intense back or any other body ache and can heal emotional traumas. Yeah right what the?
I was sceptical how can tapping on points of your body come even close to healing my pain whether it be an actual body ache or a mental ache?

My first experience with it was when I visited a practitioner who practiced a range of different alternative therapies. Well when she started tapping on the different points and had me repeat words after her I had this amazing emotional release where I burst out crying and then hysterical laughing and felt amazing afterwards.
It was after that experience I went searching to find out more and discovered it is something you can easily self-administer. So I signed up for free summits on the internet and learned the best way to tap on myself and the way to word the statements I made up when tapping.

I personally prefer to tap with a practitioners help discovering that with the use of their intuition they seemed to be able to get to an issue to peel away the layer of pain hidden in my subconscious.

Below is a great instruction video from YouTube which you might find helpful.

If you are seeking answers how you can use tapping for your personal circumstance book a FREE complimentary call with me.