Alternative Therapy Helping Me With Weight Loss

Diet and exercise is what I have always been told is the way to lose weight. I have dieted myself fat over the years. Yes the diets have been successful! – I have lost 10 kilos gained 15, lost 20 kilos gained 30, lost 42 kilos and gained 50. Mmmm very successful wouldn’t you say? If diet and exercise is the way to lose weight why are there so many of us still struggling? Ah I know – it is because we don’t have willpower, well I say bull#%@t.

I kept gaining back my weight because my body was protecting me and felt safer at the larger weight. No matter how much I dieted and lost weight with pure willpower, my body would eventually win the fight and I would give up on the diet and gain weight.
How did I learn this? Researching diets versus non diets I found a book written by a former fattie Jon Gabriel. To summarise, his research showed the importance of meditation/visualisations, reducing stress, reducing chemicals and basically eating a healthy diet of protein and live food and vegetables. Other than you need to fuel your body with healthy chemical free food for it to run efficiently, the biggest thing I took away from Jon teachings was if you have traumas to clear, you must work through those with whatever method if you want weight loss to follow.

A combination of hypnosis, NLP, and EFT cleared, like an onion, lots of layers of hurt and I was getting slow results yet I was still lacking in motivation. Through my journey where I have kept myself open to all new experiences, I got invited to an eQ Events seminar and from there I took up an opportunity to give up 7 days of my life for a transformation journey and wow did that make a difference. The meditations Niki Bowen, the guru coach, introduced to us had me buzzing – I mean literally buzzing – it started from my feet and then spread through my whole body and I was feeling, I think for the first time. Since then Niki has cleared some other obscure patterns locked away in my mind and I have lost 41kilos 7% of body fat – WOW and all whilst also giving up smoking which is a first. I had a habit of gaining in my previous attempts of quitting the cigs.

I am still a work in progress with more to lose to reach the healthiest version of me but this time feels so different to all previous attempts. It is my belief that the introduction of alternative therapies has been the reason.

Do alternative therapies work for weight loss? In my opinion if you struggle to lose weight and keep it off then be open to at least have a go with alternative therapies to see if they can be the final key to unlocking the new you.

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