Surprise! – Negativity leads to Burnout?

Burnout is preventable. How do you know you are approaching Burnout?

First, you must notice that you are attempting to do it all. Be aware that you are trying to please everyone but yourself. 

Some of us don’t realise our low opinion of ourselves; our negative thoughts make us think we must please others to be liked. We find ourselves having trouble saying ‘no’ or sharing our opinions about things because we fear it might trigger rejection if others learn who we are as individuals. 

Under People-pleasing actions lies chronic negative thoughts of feeling not good enough, not worthy, and fears of rejection and failure. 

Do you recognize the following classical signs of People Pleasing:

  • You often put the needs of others above your own.
  • You easily back down from an argument.
  • Your squash your feelings deep down where you may not even recognize them.
  • You find yourself regularly apologizing.
  • You rarely voice your opinions.
  • You never find time for yourself.
  • If anyone asks how you are, your automatic response is, “I’m Good.”

You often feel anxious, overworked, overwhelmed, and close to Burnout. You will be seething inside with negative thoughts about yourself and eventually about others for not recognizing that you are struggling.

Chronic Negativity and the actions like people pleasing will eventually eat away at your soul like cancer working its way into every area of your life and heart and tainting everything you say and do, affecting your career, health, and relationships. Eventually, zapping your energy and then find yourself fast approaching Burnout, destroying your happiness and making you miserable. 

Chronic Negativity leads to actions reflecting an overall pessimistic and doubtful outlook, Making you less open to new ideas and opportunities, which can stunt your growth and development and keep you from expanding your success and widening your horizons.

You tend to be pessimistic about new opportunities when you’re overly negative. Rather than seize them and act upon them, you’d remain skeptical and safe, staying where you are.

Not seizing new opportunities can keep you from reaching the points you want to in life and achieving the goals you set for yourself. 

Negativity-causing behaviors like People-pleasing behaviors are not destructive but become dangerous when you allow them to disrupt your emotional, mental and physical wellness.

Set boundaries with everyone in your life, and be assertive as you stick to them. If you don’t set and respect your boundaries, then who will? You don’t need to justify your no, so stop offering reasons to appease the masses and focus on yourself. 

Burnout is preventable, but it takes a well-planned and deliberate effort. Don’t get sucked into the vortex of a busy life where you ignore yourself and your needs; your wellness depends on you!

You can change the Negative behavior of People pleasing if you have the willingness to try and a deeper understanding of what drives it. 

If you are struggling with getting to the bottom of the negative thoughts and noticing actions like people-pleasing is stopping you from living a happy life or fast approaching burnout. Don’t wait any longer.

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