Trust your Gut – Surprising ways to reduce Inflammation to strengthen the Gut-Brain connection

Do you trust your Gut?

I get it – When you suffer Gut health issues, it is hard to trust your Gut because you can be embarrassed by those accidental expressions.

I have always said I decide based on my Gut because I believe my intuition lives there.

Everyone who has had a conversation with me knows that I have always raved about the importance of reducing inflammatory foods, how they affect our gut health, and the connection to our emotional health.

Our bodies are fantastic with all the interconnections, and during my nutrition and hypnosis studies learning about the very long nerve that links the brain to the Gut via the lungs and heart made a lot of sense. The Vagus nerve, which means wandering in Latin, is the most extended and complex of the cranial nerves and affects many parts of our body’s conscious and unconscious function. Including the role of our heart rate, breathing, digestion of food, and how we manage and process our emotions. 

Science has shown that long-term Inflammation is a significant cause of disease in our bodies, and a lot of health issues start from gut health, affecting our emotional health through the Vagus nerve.

Inflammation is a typical and natural response to infection and is a valuable part of our body, for when we have injured ourselves, it sends our body signals to heal.

How do we prevent long-term Inflammation? 

In my kinesiology training, I learned that Traditional Chinese medicine describesInflammation as stagnation, so reducing Inflammation is all about movement.

  1. Sportspeople who want to reduce Inflammation after injury will use a combination of heat and cold, all about causing blood movement.
  2. When we exercise excessively, we are causing Inflammation, so that is why most Personal trainers recommend just some form of movement with a combination of stretching and balancing.
  3. Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic work with many warming and cooling spices to assist with Inflammation like Ginger, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Rosemary, and Celery.
  4. Then there are the well-known foods that send inflammatory messages to our body, and if we eat them regularly, the body records it as long-term Inflammation. In most people, they are sugar, dairy, gluten, and harmful cheap oils like sunflower and canola.
  5. Expansive Emotions are vital in fighting Inflammation. Emotions like Fear, Regret, Unforgiving, Resentment are all stagnated emotions that keep you stuck feeling bad about yourself, so holding onto these causes inflammation. Expansive emotions that cause forward movement like Hope, about growth and looking into your future, Love and caring for others, and being grateful has you looking outside yourself.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg – this is a question that can have us go around and around in circles which is sometimes how we feel when we have gut issues that cause us embarrassment and emotions and feelings that have us not liking ourselves. Which should we heal first, our feelings or our Gut? 

I know that if you are suffering from emotional anguish and you have gut health problems, you need to start somewhere, and only you know which would be to your benefit – it is time to trust your Gut.

If you are still untrusting, why not do a body sway test. I love the body sway test, even when in the supermarket aisle.

Here is how you can perform the body sway test:

Stand with your feet planted stable and evenly on the ground

First, ask yourself a TRUE question

My name is (your name)

Wait for your body to sway in a particular direction – that is a YES answer.

You can test it with other valid questions

I live at (your suburb)

Or I work at (your place of work)

Then ask yourself questions that are NOT true

My name is (fake name)

You will note you sway in a different direction, which is a NO.

You can then use this for anything you want to test – food, essential questions, important decisions:

· Is this food good for my body right now?

· Should I take this job?

· Should I work on my Gut first?

· Do I need to work on my emotions first?

· Should I work on my Gut and emotions in conjunction?

It is time to trust your Gut and get to work on healing.

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