Create Yourself without Regrets

We can’t go through life without any regrets although holding on to regret so long that it interferes with being happy is when it becomes a problem

  • Certainly, I regret not saying I love you to my mum on the last conversation although I must believe that my Mum knew I loved her.
  • I have been known to regret having that extra glass of wine.
  • I have often beaten myself up for things I have said or not said and then have a low opinion of myself.  
  • I regret the poisons I have put into my body that may have been the cause of my cancer.

All these things have had me emotionally thinking :

  • I am a bad person,
  • I am just not a good enough,
  • I am not a good daughter
  • I am not a good friend.

Can you think of things you have regretted?   Have you held onto that regret for too long and allowed it to eat at you causing emotions so that you don’t think you deserve the good things in your Life?

If only there was a way to Re-create yourself – there is !!!


Emotions when you break down the word EM means in and Motion is movement so it means to moving into. Why do we also try to hide from our, stuff down or run away from our emotions.  The best way to release our emotions is to lean into them, include them so we can understand them and then they no longer have a negative hold on us.

Relearn & Trust

Trusting that that there is a lesson in all things.  Mistakes can often lead you to greater things if you are willing to go inside and find the learnings so you can move on.


Looking at things in a different way and looking at things with gratitude allows you see the bigger picture


Always looking at What IF you can reframe that to what IS.  Past has happened you can spend months looking for a different outcome but you can’t.  Get the learnings and move on.

If regret is causing you to let life pass you by start looking at ways so that you can re-create a life you deserve which is one being fulfilled and happy.

I am using my current cancer journey to Re-Create myself and have gone within to firstly understand the emotions it bought up like I wont survive it, I am a bad person or unrealistic expectations and I have found a new path and future which looks bright and happy.   My journey will be something that might just change the lives of many.

Reveal what’s stopped you from having the life you want and how to let it go.

Take the 60 second quiz. The results shine a light on regrets, beliefs, fears and emotional blocks that have held you back from living your best life.

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