How to Improve Body Image

How do I look?” People often ask others this question when they should be asking themselves

The ability to stand in front of the mirror and enjoy what you see even love what you see is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It might seem not very easy to love yourself, so I will share some tips to help you find the way to love your body or at least respect your body, enabling you to become confident and secure.

You can improve your body image today and well into the future. 

  1. Treat yourself well. Stop punishing yourself for your pitfalls and start appreciating who and what you are. 
  2. Recognize and record the things you like about yourself. You spend so much time being critical of your appearance that you never take the time to notice your good characteristics. Keep track of things you like about yourself on paper, including physical, emotional, and personality traits, and review this list often. 
  3. Say nice things to yourself. Can you think about the last time you said something nice to yourself about your physical appearance? It’s probably been a long time. Take the time to stand in front of the mirror daily and notice something you like about your body. Eventually, you’ll come to find the positive in all of your physical characteristics.
  4. See yourself as a whole person. Be sure to recognize all the good you hold, including your personality traits, skills and abilities, and contributions to society. If you put your entire self-worth in your physical appearance, you’re denying yourself every other good quality you possess. 
  5. Express yourself. Poor body image may cause you to be afraid of expressing yourself. You can express yourself by talking to those you care about, practicing the arts, and journaling, which are practical tools at your disposal. Just know that you’re just as valuable as somebody 25 kilos lighter and a person with different hair color. 
  6. Control your social media consumption. Social Media has many highly filtered and edited photos that you rely on to tell you how you should look. Unfollow accounts assert unrealistic expectations for your body, such as very skinny models. Do your best to limit how long you’re on social media to just a few minutes daily.
  7. Practice meditation techniques. Negative body image often comes with obsessive and racing thoughts about what you look like and what others think of you. Meditation is a great way to soothe and quiet your mind while improving your mental health. All it takes is a simple two-minute deep breathing exercise to see results. 
  8. Limit how long you spend in front of the mirror. All you need is to check in front of the mirror before you leave the house in the morning. Plus, there’s no need for that hyper-magnified makeup mirror at all. 
  9. Learn about your triggers. You can’t fully move past your negative body image until you figure out what’s causing it. That means you must spend some time reflecting on learning your triggers. Your triggers could be large meals, specific judgmental people in your life, locations, or people you see on social media or in magazines.
  10. Consider going to hypnosis or working with a therapist. A therapist helps you work through your feelings, understand your triggers, and learn the best way to cope with these negative thoughts. Admitting that your body image issues have gotten a little out of control and that you need outside help is okay. 
  11. Focus on your health instead of your weight. Your fixation with the number on the scale is likely doing more harm than good. After all, your health data is much more important than your body weight. 
  12. Surround yourself with good people. Your body image issues may stem from the beliefs and generalizations of those in your circle. Perhaps your friends are hyper-critical of the appearances of others, or they struggle with low self-esteem. Try to befriend positive, confident, and motivating people. 
  13. Create realistic goals. It might be reasonable for a person with your frame to lose twenty kilos. The problem is that it’s not practical to lose this weight in two weeks. Setting unrealistic and unhealthy goals increases your chances of not reaching them and puts you at risk of taking extreme measures to achieve them on time.
  14. Compliment other people. Helping someone with their body image makes you feel good and more accepting. You know how hard it is to struggle with poor body image. You also understand that most people might work to accept the reflection they see in the mirror. Do your best to give genuine compliments to those close to you and even strangers. 
  15. Buy clothing that complements your body. You may be insecure with some body parts, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide your entire body behind baggy and conservative clothing. Instead, go out and buy clothing that you feel most comfortable wearing. Be sure it’s the right size and highlights your best characteristics. 
  16. Move your body. Research shows helping to boost your mood and self-esteem; exercise is vital. Try getting one hundred and fifty minutes of exercise per week by walking, dancing, jogging, biking, hiking, yoga, and weight lifting. Find something that brings you Joy.
  17. Develop a healthy and well-balanced diet. As triggering as food might be for you, your body desperately needs nutrients and calories as a source of fuel. Focus on the nutrients you’re getting instead of how many calories you eat daily. Remember, there’s much more to your health than the number you see on the scale. 
  18. Stop weighing yourself so frequently. Weighing yourself helps to keep track of your health progress, but there’s a point at which this habit could turn obsessive. Limit weighing yourself to just once a week or a month, or break up and eliminate the scale and trigger.
  19. Get rid of those fitness and diet apps. Fitness and diet apps can be your worst enemy if you’re obsessive about your health. You may obsessively count calories, macronutrients, and even how much exercise you get daily. If your whole life revolves around what you eat, it might be time to delete these apps from your phone. 
  20. Get a makeover. Bad body image could lead you to ditch the idea of improving your appearance altogether. A trip to the hairdresser for a new hairstyle or hair color, get your nails done, buy a new wardrobe, or even go to the tanning salon.
  21. Find hobbies that keep you occupied. You may be preoccupied with your appearance because you cannot keep your mind busy during the day. It may be time to find a hobby that keeps you active and your attention away from your appearance. You could try hiking, biking, painting, playing guitar, fishing, or anything else. 
  22. Do your research. As much as you want to believe that you can drop a lot of weight in just a few short days or change the structure of your body with a new product, there’s a chance you will be disappointed. Make sure you only depend on reliable online sources if considering buying products that make big promises.

Your greatest gift is learning to love what you see when you look in the mirror!!! Learn to love the way you look, imperfections and all. Appreciate yourself just as you are. 

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