How To Beat Emotional and Eating Secrets?

Surf the Urge

A well-known DBT Technique, “Urge Surfing,” was created by psychologist G. Alan Marlatt. Surfing the urge is vital in beating Emotional and Bingeing urges. It’s safe to say that, as humans, we don’t always eat when we’re hungry. Sometimes we eat because the food looks delicious. Other times, the cells in our bodies crave certain … Read more

What Binge Eating Looks Like

goodnessmealternative what binge eating looks like)

What is Binge eating disorder or B.E.D.? It is a diagnosable disorder characterized by recurrent and compulsive episodes of eating substantial quantities of food. Typically, consuming the food quickly, the eater cannot stop and eats with significant discomfort. While B.E.D. is treatable and people get better, it is considered severe and life-threatening. Everyone sometimes overeats … Read more

Getting Cancer Creates a Mindshift Change?

Goodnessmealternative The Big C

Change is terrifying to some, although growth without Change is stumped. If we don’t make changes, we ultimately will get bored and feel like we are caught up on a hamster wheel making no progress, and when things are stagnant, we are not making any progress. Life will often send us something that will force … Read more

4 tips to Overcome Perfectionism for assisting IBS relief.

4 tips to overcome perfectionism to assist IBS Relief

Perfectionism was Overwhelming when I was working full time, studying part-time, and trying to run a household.  I felt miserable, and everyone suffered, my relationships, university marks, and health. My gut health was awful; I was not eating right; I won’t even go into the dreadful and embarrassing smells that could be emitted from my … Read more

The Importance of Emotional Clarity


I was often told the old saying if you don’t love yourself, why should you expect others to love you.  On a conscious level I always got it, but it seemed hard when all I could hear inside my head was your not good enough, not pretty enough, comparing myself to others and wanting to … Read more

Using The Power Of Visualization To Improve Your Body

power of visualization

Mark Plaatjes used the power of visualization to win big in the World Championship for Track and Field in 1993. Plaatjes used pictures of the marathon course that he would be facing in Stuttgart, Germany and he used those pictures to practice his visualization techniques. He knew every single inch of that course, so much … Read more